MBA in CYBER SECURITY & Internet of Things

Technology Incubation Center CIU has introduced MBA in Cyber Security & Internet of Things, a solution for career aspirants who wants to migrate from generic hardware or network or software developer field to finally find into the industry's most challenging field as becoming Cyber Security professional. This course would leverage from becoming team leader managing a group of IT professionals while implementing hardening skills both for offline and online infrastructure. With a growing deployment of Internet of Things devices where non IT devices becoming a part of internet making still a challenging situation for businesses, Cyber Security managers would play an important role in IT and IoT convergence and implementing security.

Besides, due to the huge dearth of trained cyber security professionals, it has led to an alarming demand for Cyber Security skilled people leading to high paying jobs at all verticals where every day the businesses are becoming a victim of some malicious people always looking for an opportunity to intrude networks for illegitimate gains.

Addressing to the current need MBA in Cyber Security & IoT course finds responsible roles as Chief Information Security Officer, Forensic Computer Analyst, Information Security Analyst, Penetration Tester, Security Architect, IT Security Engineer, Security Systems Administrator, IT Security Consultant and Network Managers.

Enrol in MBA in Cyber Security & IoT - program modules :


    • MBACS11              Insiders Threat to Business
    • MBACS12              Networking Technologies
    • MBACS13              Advance Linux Operating Systems
    • MBACS14              System's Internals for Security
    • MBACS15              Advance Linux Operating Systems Lab
    • MBACS16              System's Internals for Security Lab


                • MBACS21              Network Security
                • MBACS22              Malware Analysis and Mitigation
                • MBACS23              Kali Linux for Pentesting
                • MBACS24              Nmap Security Scanner
                • MBACS25              Kali Linux for Pentesting Lab
                • MBACS26              Nmap Security Scanner Lab


  • MBACS31              Project Management
  • MBACS32              Vulnerability Assessment
  • MBACS33              Routing & Switching Technologies
  • MBACS34              Advance IoT with Raspberry Pi
  • MBACS35              Routing & Switching Technologies Lab
  • MBACS36              Advance IoT with Raspberry Pi Lab


  • MBACS41              Mobile Security
  • MBACS42              Marketing Management
  • MBACS43              Advance IoT with Arduino
  • MBACS44              Advance Pentesting with Kali Linux
  • MBACS45              Advance IoT with Arduino Lab
  • MBACS46              Advance Pentesting with Kali Linux Lab