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  Free Certification in Telecom    Linux Certification

  Free Certification in UNIX Admin    Database Admin

  Free Certification in Linux Admin    Solaris Certification

  Free Certification in WAN Support    Security Certification

  Free Certification in PC Support    .Net Certification

  Free Certification in Internetworking    Ecom Associate

  Free Certification in ORACLE Admin    Hardware Associate

  Free Certification in Database Admin    Internet Associate

  Free Certification in Network Support    Java Certification

  Free Certification in Internet Security    Oracle Certification

  Free Certification in Computer Network    SQL Certification

  Free Certification in MS Access     Shell Scripting

  Free Certification in Windows XP    Win 2000 Admin

  Free Certification in Windows 2000    Web Publishing

Technology Incubation Center CIU

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Free Career Global Online Certification

Technology Incubation Center CIU is committed to promoting technology and higher education to every individual under the sun by its unique initiative of Free Online Certification in association with The Institute of Chartered Telecom Professionals. This initiative is in support of UNESCO's initiative "Education for All by 2015"


Now Certificates in JPEG form is generated online after successful completion

Each Test comprise of 50 Questions Time : 60 mins Marks :100 Marks

  Free  Certification in Linux Security    TIC CIU Certified Linux Security Associate

  Free  Certification in Server Administration    TIC CIU Certified Server Administrator

  Free  Certification in CISCO Unified Communication    TIC CIU Certified CISCO Unified Communication Associate

  Free  Certification in CISCO    TIC CIU Certified in VPN Technologies

  Free  Certification in CISCO    TIC CIU Certified in ATM Technologies

  Free  Certification in CISCO    TIC CIU Certified in Operating Systems

  Free  Certification in CISCO    Cambridge Certified WAN Associate

  Free  Certification in Linux    Cambridge Certified Linux Associate

  Free  Certification in Database    Cambridge Certified Database Associate

  Free  Certification in Sun Solaris    Cambridge Certified Solaris Associate

  Free  Certification in Network Security    Cambridge Certified Security Associate

  Free  Certification in MS .Net    Cambridge Certified .Net Associate

  Free  Certification in Ecommerce    Cambridge Certified Ecommerce Associate

  Free  Certification in Computer Hardware    Cambridge Certified Hardware Associate

  Free  Certification in Internet Technologies    Cambridge Certified Internet Associate

  Free  Certification in Sun java    Cambridge Certified Java Associate

  Free  Certification in Oracle Database    Cambridge Certified Oracle Administrator

  Free  Certification in SQL    Cambridge Certified SQL Associate

  Free  Certification in Unix Shell Scripting    Cambridge Certified Unix Shell Scriptor

  Free  Certification in Windows 2000    Cambridge Certified Windows 2000 Associate

  Free  Certification in Web Publishing    Cambridge Certified Web Publisher

  Free  Certification in Datacom    To Know more about Technology Incubation Center CIU