Web Pentesting Simple Command Injection

Web Pentesting Simple Command Injection

Command injection is a common vulnerability that can be found in web applications. It occurs when an application allows a user to execute system commands by passing user input directly to a command shell. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability by injecting malicious commands into user input fields, which will then be executed on the system.

Here is a simple example of command injection:

Open a terminal window and enter the following command:

This will ping your local host and display the results.

Now imagine that a web application has a search field that allows users to search for products by entering a keyword. If the application does not properly sanitize user input, an attacker could inject a command into the search field, like so:

search_term; ping;
This would result in the application executing the following command:

search_term; ping;
The semi-colons allow the attacker to chain multiple commands together. In this case, the search_term command would be executed first, followed by the ping command.

To prevent command injection vulnerabilities, web developers should always sanitize user input by stripping out any characters that could be used to inject commands. Additionally, input validation should be performed to ensure that the user is only allowed to enter expected characters in input fields.

Web Pentesting Simple Command Injection

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