Web Pentesting SQLmap basics

Web Pentesting SQLmap basics

SQLMap is a powerful tool used for web penetration testing that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities. Here are the basic steps for using SQLMap:

1. Identify the target: Determine the target website or application you want to test.

2. Find the vulnerable parameter: Identify the parameter in the target application that is vulnerable to SQL injection. You can use tools like Burp Suite or OWASP ZAP to do this.

3. Check the database type: Determine the type of database used by the target application. You can use tools like Nmap to identify the type of database.

4. Run SQLMap: Use SQLMap to test for SQL injection vulnerabilities by providing the target URL, the vulnerable parameter, and the type of database used. For example, you can run SQLMap using the following command:

sqlmap -u "http://example.com/vulnerable_page.php?id=1" --dbms=mysql -p id --dump

This command specifies the target URL, the type of database (MySQL), the vulnerable parameter (id), and tells SQLMap to dump the contents of the database.

5. Analyze results: Once SQLMap has finished running, analyze the results to determine if there are any vulnerabilities that can be exploited. If SQLMap finds any vulnerabilities, it will provide details about the database and tables, as well as the ability to extract data from the database.

6. Exploit vulnerabilities: If SQLMap has found any vulnerabilities, you can use the tool to exploit them by running additional commands. For example, you can use SQLMap to extract data from the database or modify the data in the database.

It's important to note that SQLMap should only be used for ethical hacking and with the explicit permission of the target website or application owner. Misuse of SQLMap or other web penetration testing tools can result in serious legal consequences.

Web Pentesting SQLmap basics

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