Ethical Hacking and Pentesting with Resale Rights Course App

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Ethical Hacking and Pentesting with Resale Rights Web Based Course

Ethical Hacking Pentesting with Resale Rights is a hands-on course for Ethical Hackers to test networks to identify any loopholes and accordingly it can be mitigated

Pentesting With Resale Rights


Pentesting with Resale Rights – Check the whole contents

Section 1: Introduction and installation

— Lecture1.1 Before we begin
— Lecture1.2 Virtual Box install tutorial1
— Lecture1.3 Kali Linux install tutorial
— Lecture1.4 Going full screen in Kali Linux

Section 2: Basic Linux Commands

— Lecture2.1 Basic Commands – Part 1
— Lecture2.2 Basic Commands – Part 2
— Lecture2.3 Basic Commands – Part 3

Section 3: Preparing your lab

— Lecture3.1 Changing IP address and setting up wireless adapter
— Lecture3.2 Creating bootable Kali USB
— Lecture3.3 Important networking terms
— Lecture3.4 Important hacking terms
— Lecture3.5 Few things to do after installing Kali Linux
— Lecture3.6 Changing our Mac Address – Macchanger

Section 4: Footprinting

— Lecture4.1 Google hacking
— Lecture4.2 Nikto basics
— Lecture4.3 Whois tool
— Lecture4.4 Email harvesting
— Lecture4.5 Shodan
— Lecture4.6 Zone transfer with dig

Section 5: Scanning

— Lecture5.1 Installing Metasploitable
— Lecture5.2 Nmap – Part 1
— Lecture5.3 Nmap – Part 2
— Lecture5.4 Nmap – Part 3
— Lecture5.5 Zenmap
— Lecture5.6 TCP scans
— Lecture5.7 Nmap bypassing defences
— Lecture5.8 Nmap Scripts Part 1
— Lecture5.9 Nmap Scripts Part 2

Section 6: WPA2 Cracking

— Lecture6.1 Wireless attacks theory
Lecture6.2 Putting network card in monitor mode
— Lecture6.3 Capturing handshake with Airodump
— Lecture6.4 RockYou.txt
— Lecture6.5 Cracking with Aircrack
— Lecture6.6 Cracking with Hashcat
— Lecture6.7 Making password lists with Crunch
— Lecture6.8 Making password lists with Cupp
— Lecture6.9 Rainbowtables – Part 1
— Lecture6.10 Rainbowtables – Part 2
— Lecture6.11 Installing fluxion
— Lecture6.12 Finding and cracking hidden network
— Lecture6.13 Preventing wireless attacks

Section 7: Man in the Middle Attack

— Lecture7.1 ARP protocol basics
— Lecture7.2 MITM attack theory
— Lecture7.3 Installing MITMf
— Lecture7.4 Manual Arpspoofing
— Lecture7.5 Problems while installing MITMf
— Lecture7.6 HTTP traffic sniffing
— Lecture7.7 DNS Spoofing & HTTPS Password Sniffing
— Lecture7.8 Hooking browsers with BEEF
— Lecture7.9 Screenshotting targets browser
— Lecture7.10 Cloning any webpage
— Lecture7.11 Ettercap basics

Section 8: System Hacking

— Lecture6.1 MSFconsole enviroment
— Lecture6.2 Metasploit modules explained
— Lecture6.3 Bruteforcing SSH with Metasploit
— Lecture6.4 Attacking Tomcat with Metasploit
— Lecture6.5 Getting Meterpreter with Command Injection
— Lecture6.6 PHP Code Injection
— Lecture6.7 2 Metasploitable exploits
— Lecture6.8 Wine Installation
— Lecture6.9 Crafting Windows payloads with Msfvenom
— Lecture6.10 Encoders & Hexeditor
— Lecture6.11 Windows 10 Meterpreter shell
— Lecture6.12 Meterpreter enviroment
— Lecture6.13 Windows 10 privilege escalation
— Lecture6.14 Preventing privilege escalation
— Lecture6.15 Post exploitation modules
— Lecture6.16 Getting Meterpreter over Internet with port forwarding
— Lecture6.17 Eternalblue exploit
— Lecture6.18 Persistence module
— Lecture6.19 Hacking over Internet with Ngrok
— Lecture6.20 Android device attack with Venom
— Lecture6.21 Real Hacking Begins Now