PG Diploma in CYBER SECURITY & Internet of Things


    • PGDCS11              Insiders Threat to Business
    • PGDCS12              Networking Technologies
    • PGDCS13              Advance Linux Operating Systems
    • PGDCS14              System's Internals for Security
    • PGDCS15              Advance Linux Operating Systems Lab
    • PGDCS16              System's Internals for Security Lab


                • PGDCS21              Network Security
                • PGDCS22              Malware Analysis and Mitigation
                • PGDCS23              Kali Linux for Pentesting
                • PGDCS24              Nmap Security Scanner
                • PGDCS25              Kali Linux for Pentesting Lab
                • PGDCS26              Nmap Security Scanner Lab

Recognition of TIC CIU :

(1.) Institutional member of Data Security Council of India, A NASSCOMM initiative
(2.) Member of International Forensic Sciences
(3.) Partner institution : Intel Security Program
(4.) Accredited by Venkateshwara Open University
(5.) Networks & Security Education since 2001