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Complete Fast Track Self Paced Bachelors and Masters Degree University Program with Credits Transferable (earned elsewhere) to BSc MSc MBA for IT & Management Courses

Transfer Credits from other Institution, Earn University Degree in Fast Track mode Online

Earning a university degree and gaining skills go hand in hand with complementing career growth. It is true that education and qualification serve as an eligibility to compete in professional life, that defines the first level of trust for the prospective employers. ICTP addresses this challenging area and offers an opportunity to aspirants who can transfer credits earned elsewhere.

How to complete your degree in Fast Track

1. Submit a copy of transcripts earned in the past.
2. Professional certification credits will be considered upon approval to transfer credits to the existing programs.
3. After checking the credentials, the program manager will get in touch with the applicants to inform the differential courses he/she needs to study to complete the degree program
4. Students can thereafter complete their degree program self-paced and fast-track mode.

How it works

Option 1: Suppose you have completed first two semester from XYZ university, we shall waive the subjects already undergone in past institutions, the differential courses needs to be completed with us and hence the degree

Option 2: Suppose you have managed to complete some certification courses, we take note of those exams, plus additionally any diploma programs if you have completed, the courses common to the program will be waived from appearing in exam with this program. Only the remaining papers you need to clear till you finally earn your degree.

Our Mission

Institute of Chartered Telecom Professional's mission is to enhance policy and practice in open, distance, flexible and e-learning . To support and encourage international cooperation and enhance the understanding of the importance of quality provision in cross-border higher education by deploying blended learning in higher education.

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