Portable Cyber security box for work & travel

The Security Box

Security Box allows you freedom to work at home, at co-working place, during travel. Just connect with USB power of your laptop and work with peace of mind. Having dual connectivity for internet - USB and Ethernet, while wirelessly connect with built-in secure Access point to connect multiple computers and sharing secure internet with data security & protection of critical data for businesses. Being online and yet staying away from cyber attacks is the FORTE of Security Box.

Why Security BOX is Indespensable for online users

When we connect online using phone or other broadband internet, we are exposed to Public with zero protection. Many a times I use my debit or credit card to order online, the credit/debit details can be easily compromised by the malicious. Its like I am staying in a house where I keep all doors and entry points open with no guard to protect either while staying home, moving out or sleeping at nignt, just inviting and tempting intruders to wipe out home valuables. Security Box does all protection from the vulnerabilities and gaps open while remaining online. It not only protects and secures my digital assets but at the same time alerts us as to where I am going slack online. Security Box a handy device which can be carried in pocket and does not require external ac power to operate. Just plug in PC or Laptop, connect using in-built secure wireless connection and stay secure.

What else we can use security box for

Security Box is perpect blend of hardware and software integration in a box smaller than mobile phone. We can use this for wifi networking with PCs or Laptops for application/print/file sharing while connected to internet. This product can be used by single person or by the entire team in your office. It is best fit for all business verticals where we work online or being offline/online having necessity to go networking with PC absolutely CABLE FREE.




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