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Section 1: Introduction And Setup

Lecture1.1 Welcome to Python3 Course
Lecture1.2 Why you should learn Python3
Lecture1.3 Installing Python3 On Windows
Lecture1.4 Installing Python3 On Ubuntu And MAC
Lecture1.5 Taking a Closer Look At Python3 IDLE

Section 2: Basics of Programming in Python3

Lecture2.1 Math Operators
Lecture2.2 Strings
Lecture2.3 Variables and Variable Naming Rules
Lecture2.4 Our First Program
Lecture2.5 Type, Len, Str, Int, Float .. Functions
Lecture2.6 True Or False Boolean
Lecture2.7 IF Statement
Lecture2.8 IF & ELSE
Lecture2.9 Using ELIF For Multiple Statements
Lecture2.10 While Loop
Lecture2.11 Leaving Infinite Loop With Break
Lecture2.12 Using Continue in a Loop
Lecture2.13 FOR Loop
Lecture2.14 Importing Python Libraries

Section 3: Functions

Lecture3.1 Defining Functions In Python3
Lecture3.2 Local and Global Variables
Lecture3.3 Coding Guess The Number Program
Lecture3.4 Reverse A String Function
Lecture3.5 Calculate Area Of a Circle Program
Lecture3.6 Simple Python Calculator
Lecture3.7 Removing Vowels From String Program
Lecture3.8 Find The Largest Number Out Of Three

Section 4: Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries in Python3

Lecture4.1 Python3 Lists
Lecture4.2 Creating Smaller Out Of Bigger List
Lecture4.3 Manipulating Lists And Elements
Lecture4.4 Append, Insert, Remove, Sort
Lecture4.5 Tuples
Lecture4.6 Introduction To Dictionaries
Lecture4.7 Values, Keys, Items, Get
Lecture4.8 Dictionary Comprehension Part 1
Lecture4.9 Dictionary Comprehension Part 2
Lecture4.10 Advance String Manipulation
Lecture4.11 Upper(),lower(),isupper(),islower()
Lecture4.12 Split, Strip, Join, Startswith, Endswith

Section 5: Files In Python3

Lecture5.1 Navigating Through System With OS Library
Lecture5.2 Reading And Writing To Files
Lecture5.3 Reversing Text From a File

Section 6: Error Handling

Lecture6.1 Error Handling - Try and Except
Lecture6.2 Error Handling - Try and Finally

Section 7: Object Oriented Programming

Lecture7.1 Classes
Lecture7.2 Changing Class Attributes
Lecture7.3 Built In Class Attributes
Lecture7.4 Using Your Class In a Diffrent Program
Lecture7.5 Using Your Class In A Program
Lecture7.6 Implementing Students Count Option
Lecture7.7 Class Inheritance
Lecture7.8 Overriding Methods In A Class

Section 8: Date & Time

Lecture8.1 Printing And Calculating Date and Time
Lecture8.2 : Different Date Formats

Section 9: Regular Expressions

Lecture9.1 Extracting Useful Data
Lecture9.2 Regex Part 1
Lecture9.3 Regex Part 2

Section 10: Interacting With HTTP

Lecture10.1 Performing HTTP GET Request
Lecture10.2 Performing Post Request
Lecture10.3 Handling Website Redirections
Lecture10.4 BeautifulSoup
Lecture10.5 Encoding In Requests
Lecture10.6 Session And Cookies
Lecture10.7 SSL Certificate, Authentication
Lecture10.8 Json Library And Proxies

Section 11: Networking In Python3

Lecture11.1 Socket Terminology
Lecture11.2 Connecting Two Machines
Lecture11.3 Coding a Chat Program
Lecture11.4 Receiving Desired Ammount of Data
Lecture11.5 Socket Timeout and Options
Lecture11.6 UDP Server & Client
Lecture11.7 AF_UNIX & Raw_sockets

Section 12: Threading

Lecture12.1 Thread & Threading
Lecture12.2 Theory Behind Threaded Server

Section 13: Emails, PDF, Images

Lecture13.1 Sending Emails Using SMTPlib
Lecture13.2 PDF Files
Lecture13.3 Images In Python

SSH Tunneling with Wireshark Part 4

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